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NaptárA napokban (kicsit megkésve) kaptam egy 2010-es naptárt az EDEN titkárságról. A naptár papír alapú, lapozható és a Learnovation programhoz kapcsolódóan minden hónapra mutat egy nagybetűs és fontos kérdést. Ha időm és erőm engedné, akkor minden hónapban lehetne egy-egy blogbejegyzés az adott kérdéssel kapcsolatban. A kérdések jók, érdemes őket elolvasni:

Learnovation wishes you an i-nnovative 2010!

  • january: Will today’s content, processes and assessment still be relevant in the school of the future?
  • february: How will digital native teachers support learners in 2025?
  • march: Which mechanism will be put in place to allow local stakeholders contribute to the desing of VET programs?
  • april: Will online social networking be used to support learning and organisational change in companies and Public Administration?
  • may: Will networking experience be recognised as a ground for qualifications?
  • june: Will ICT finaly allow workers in SMEs to become and be recognised as lifelong learners?
  • july: How will learning and certification work in 2025 universities?
  • august: Will distance education still exist as a learning model in a wired society?
  • september: Will virtual mobility be a practice in 2025?
  • october: Will the learning component be part of the digital identification of citizens?
  • november: Shall quality – literacy of learners be included in the list of key competences ofr the 21st century?
  • december: Will individuals’ activity in online communities become fundamental in shaping the values and behaviour of society?

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